EV E R Y O N E left the church. I sat alone as the light from the stained-glass windows gave glow to my surroundings. I held my $25 tightly in my hand. It's all we had for groceries to feed our family of seven. My thoughts darted through the 25 years I had spent away from the church I had loved as a child. Now I was back home, vowing to go all the way with my Lord. The moment of decision had come. How could I be tested so quickly with such a major decision? I knew $25 would not buy enough food to feed us for the week, but if I tried to spread it around in my own power, I knew I would fail. I also knew I had nothing else to give for tithe. I had been gone so long. My new commitment pounded in my brain; the tears spilled out as I sat in silence, pleading with God for direction. Soon the answer became very clear as the story of the widow and her mite came to mind. Yes, that's it. I would give the $25 to my faithful Lord, who had just welcomed me home again to stay.

Trying to explain to my family what I had done was hard, but surprisingly, they seemed to understand. During the week we used up what food we had and then the dreaded day came. All I could find in the house to eat was one large potato. I cooked the potato and cut it seven ways, I called everyone to the table. As my husband gave thanks for the food we were about to share. Before he could finish the prayer, the doorbell rang. We quickly chorused, "Amen," all ran to the door. There stood a church family with bags of groceries in their arms. Through thankful tears I asked them how they knew we needed anything, for I had not told anyone of our dire circumstances. They said they did not know, but the urge to bring us food was so strong. Was it a coincidence that they came while we were offering thanks in prayer for one large potato? I know it was not. When I gave the Lord all I had to give Him, I knew in my heart He would never let us go hungry. How did I know? Because in the silent moments in my Father's house and in the glow of the stained glass.

I had claimed His promise. Neither in my youth, nor now in old age have I seen the righteous one abandoned or his offspring begging for bread - Psalm 37:25

This article was taken from St. Catherine Church's Newsletter.