Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, when we spend time with friends and family, be merry and share the joy by giving and sharing, but is this true for everyone?

I once heard a story. There was this wonderful couple who had an amazing Son. They spent many happy and wonderful Christmases, but one christmas, the son got sick and died. Imagine the kind of christmas the parents will have that year or even in the years to come. So they decided to have a tradition: each year they placed a Christmas stocking at the fireplace in his memory and visited the cemetery where their son was buried and every time they visited the cemetery they found that someone had already been there and left a little something like a stuffed animal or flowers or a little toy. They tried so hard to find out who that someone was. They asked all their relatives and friends but it was not any one of them. After many years of searching, they could not find them. One year there was a terrible snow storm and they were unable to visit the cemetery. They went the next day only to find that special someone has placed flowers. This made them happy to know that someone cared about their child more than them and they wanted to show the same love to the person who did this. Unfortunately, they were unable to find who it was, so they stopped looking for that person and started to treat everyone as that special person. I think this is the real meaning of christmas.

Why do we give during Christmas, is it for the praise and glory or is it to feel good or is it simply because it makes us happy and it feels right?

Jesus came into this world as a promise to save us from Sins and to give us eternal peace. We celebrate Christmas as a remembrance of this promise.

“Whatsoever you do to the least of my brother, that you do unto me”. This is the statement that should stay in our heart during this wonderful time of Christmas. Merry Christmas!!

- Pauline Vincent