Happy New Year 2019!!!

During this wonderful time, I would like to share some of my thoughts around how we can approach this new year to make it more meaningful.

When someone asks ‘what was the memorable events in your life in 2018 ‘, the usual answers were...

Buying the house, getting a Promotion, buying a car or becoming a parent

These are all definitely memorable events in everyone’s life. These were all possible with our efforts and God’s blessings. These are the events we look forward to and plan and work hard to achieve it. But never heard someone replying as ‘God touched my soul during the Christmas mass.’ Or I had a wonderful confession and felt very light’, Or I have successfully helped someone to graduate’. Or I successfully finished reading the bible. These events don’t come to our minds as memorable events, as we don’t look forward to them eagerly. They are more of a ritual sometimes. And sometimes we do these events only if time and money permits. But in God’s eyes, these are the events he’s expecting to happen as memorable events in our lives. Rest of the blessings will follow automatically. So, in the year of 2019, let’s take some simple resolutions to get further closer to GOD.

1. Read a passage in bible every day.
2. Don’t forget to pray two times (when you wake up and before going to bed).
3. Say grace three times a day. (before each meal).
4. Attend the Sunday mass every week.
5. Try to spend one tenth of earnings for Church and Charity.
6. Attend at least one retreat this year.
7. Plan meatless-meals on Fridays. (Need not be restricted for lent season)
8. Try to do stations of the cross & confession every 3 months. (Need not be restricted for lent season)
9. Say Rosary once a week.
10. Volunteer time/money for helping the unfortunate.

Let’s follow up on the resolutions to get little closer to GOD, so that we can hear HIM better and receive all the blessings.