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Pongal Activities Signup

The goal for the evening is to encourage everyone in an atmosphere that is going to warm, inviting and fun-filled like every other SHTCG gathering. We are excited to make it a rewarding day for all. So, please signup and show your talent.

Important details to note:
- Only Tamil songs (either movie or religious) for singing and instrument playing (தமிழர் திருநாள் you know).
- No age limit. Only solo or duets allowed. Maximum allowed time is 4 minutes.
- For singers who cannot sing without music, please bring your karaoke in a flash drive or send it by email.
- If using karaoke, please sing only one stanza (if song exceeds 4 minutes)
- For artwork, prepare at home and bring it for display. Make it something special so we can use it for future event displays/decorations. We will be forever thankful :)
- For Kavithai recitation, a self-written kavithai in Tamil should be recited. Please ensure that reading does not exceed 4 minutes.
- Please sign up to perform only one (between singing, instrument play, and Kavithai recitation). - Dress code - Indian ethnic wear.
No excuses, get sportive, please signup and be ready to entertain with singing/instrument playing or delight with artwork.
please check out last year's videos here.

Please RSVP below if you plan to join...

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Existing Signups

S.No. Name Activity Age Group
2Linus BensonSingingKid
3Linus JoseSingingKid
4Amala Tina AndrewsSingingKid
5Jomi AngelinaSingingKid
7Joshua AnthuvanArtworkKid
8DJ WilliamSingingKid
9Agnes WilliamSingingKid
10Ethan JamesInstrumentKid
11Vipin GlenSingingKid
12Vinton GlenSingingKid
13Jocelyn JohnSingingKid
14Jocelyn JohnArtworkKid
16Dalwin SundarArtworkKid
17Anisha AnthuvanArtworkKid
18Marisa LaurenSingingKid
19Melvin RufinoSingingKid
20Irene Faustina PatrickSingingKid
21Jonathan JasonArtworkKid
22Laura CharlesSingingKid
23Joshua JulianSingingKid
24Lourdu RajSingingAdult
25Auxilia WilliamKavithai RecitationAdult
26Alexius Luke AndrewsSingingAdult
27Remigius DKavithai RecitationAdult
28AnthuvanKavithai RecitationAdult
29Jesu AugustineSingingAdult
30Kavitha RemySingingAdult
31Vikas KumarSingingAdult
32Conan DoyleSingingAdult
33Christina MariappanSingingAdult
34Tanya NatarSingingAdult
35Alex and JayaSingingAdult
36Joseph WilliamSingingAdult
37Rani BenjaminArtworkAdult
38Michael SekarSingingAdult
39Alex Lobo and SheelaSingingAdult